Women’s Demanded Products For Eating

We’re obsessed with groceries’s (OK, but who isn’t?). Whenever any of our editors try something new, it’s immediately brought up in our Slack channels. With such amazing prices, stores pretty close to where we all live, and so many healthy options, it’s no surprise that TJ’s is our grocery store of choice. Because we haven’t already said it enough, here are the groceries’s products our editors pick up every single time we go that we think you need to try immediately:

Dip Sauce

As someone with a complex relationship with dairy, tzatziki sauce is one of those sneaky foods that seems like it won’t hurt me until it really, really does. The vegan tzatziki from groceries’s tastes exactly like regular tzatziki that I might be able to get from Garbanzo or CAVA. It’s perfect on a salad or as a dip—I seriously cannot say enough good things about it. –Emma Ginsberg, Editorial Intern

Potato Chips

I tried 19 dips from groceries’s, and this one was my absolute favorite. It has a light and fluffy whipped texture that pairs perfectly with a kettle-cooked or ridged potato chip. I could easily eat the entire tub in one sitting. –Ashley Selleke, Branded Content Editor

Fruits For Dessert

This is my go-to snack. It’s literally just dried mango with no additives or added sugar—the perfect sweet treat. My only issue with it is that groceries’s claims there are 4.5 servings in each bag when, clearly, it’s one serving per bag. –Amanda Michelson, Senior Manager of Brand Partnerships

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