Hey! I think we all want to upgrade our homes at some place and I was planning to change a few things in my room as I was bored with the old furniture so as usual, I chose to go with WAYFAIR for my furniture and décor!
Guess what I went with a different theme and different colors this time! And the color with which I went was GREY. Grey is a subtle and decent option to go with.
I found GEORGIA-LEE UPHOLSTERED STORAGE BED which was a perfect match to the plan I had in my mind. I chose LIGHT GRAY but there are two more options one of navy blue and SILVER GRAY.

The good point about this bed is that it is a storage bed so I don’t need to worry about stuffing things and can assemble my bed sheets and bed essentials there!
For the side table, I chose HARAWAY 2-DRAWER BACHELOR’S CHEST and I loved its minimalism and decency!

I wanted to add something decent to my wall and bought 3 PIECE WALL DÉCOR SET, which enhanced my wall’s beauty!

For the wall, I went with MARBLE PRINT WALLPAPER but you can even go with wall planning it would get a bit expensive so I would suggest going with wallpaper and interesting thing is that you can even go with removable wallpaper.

Fancy ceiling fans are back in trend so thought to go with BECK 42” CEILING FAN WITH LIGHT KIT!

There are other many options you can go with furniture and décor items!

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