Apply Manicure for Clean Results To Your Makeup

Is there anything that makes you feel as polished and groomed as a fresh manicure? I fully believe that with clean cuticles, shaped nails, and a fresh coat of paint, we are better equipped to take on the world. But nothing, and I repeat, nothing makes me feel more like a son-in-law than walking around with chipping and peeling nail polish. If we’re lucky, there’s about two weeks between this quick turnaround, which isn’t a long time, but what if we could make the glory last a little longer? I did a deep dive to find the best manicure tips because I’ll do anything to extend my hard-earned time and money, and I’m willing to bet you would too.

Use cuticle oil

If you already use cuticle oil, I congratulate you. I feel like not many people really do it, but maybe hearing that it’s one of the best manicure tips of all time will convince you to start, at least it has for me. To maintain healthy nails and a long-lasting manicure, we should use cuticle oil on a daily basis, but this is an especially important step right after the polish dries. The vitamins in the oil will keep your nails and cuticles hydrated and less likely to break and tear, ultimately preventing your mani from getting messed up. If you don’t feel like going out and buying cuticle oil specifically, don’t worry, you can use coconut oil and olive oil straight from your pantry.

Avoid applying too many layers

Aside from the base coat and top coat, you only need to apply 1-3 coats of the color of your choice. If you go any further than that, your polish is more prone to chipping in one piece. Unless you like a sheer style like Hailey Bieber’s, avoid choosing a color that needs multiple layers to see the color result. Keep this in mind when you go to the salon: choose a color that only needs one or two coats OR let your manicurist know you don’t want to go beyond two coats, even if it’s still sheer.

seal the edges

Have you ever seen your manicurist drag polish horizontally across the top edge of your nail and wondered why? Well take note because this is one of the definitive manicure tricks. This step seals (or caps) the enamel where it is most likely to start chipping. If you’re a home manicure girl, make sure your brush doesn’t have too much polish on it when you go to cover your nails. All you need is a thin layer to seal and protect the edges. Follow this step after your second coat, let it dry and follow with your top coat for best results.

Refresh your manicure with a topcoat

I know I said don’t apply too many coats of colored nail polish, but this is different! When it comes to the top coat, you need to reapply every two to three days. This coat will add a new layer of protection to your nail polish and help maintain its strength. You can even do this with a gel manicure if you have a UV light at home. For best results, apply a thin layer of top coat to the entire nail, then seal the edges with a thin layer. If you have gel polish, lightly buff your nails, wipe off the top coat with rubbing alcohol, reapply the top coat, and cure under a UV light.

Wear gloves when cleaning

You should wear gloves any time you use harsh cleaning products to protect your hands, but it’s especially important to wear them when you’re trying to get the most out of your manicure. If you’ve ever scrubbed a shower with foaming bleach or used detergent to remove a stain without gloves, you’ll be familiar with dry hands and nails. Trust me, your manicure won’t stand a chance. So, to keep the peace with your polish, put on some gloves before you go to work.

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