Makeup plays a great role to make you look attractive and pretty!
Let’s start with the look I created at a recent day wedding of my best friend! Make sure to not apply a lot of heavy makeup and eyeshadow during day events as it would look cheap!
Make it minimal and classy!
Starting it without any delay…..
First and the most important thing in makeup is a moisturizer for the moisturizer option I went with LUXURY SUN RITUAL PORE SMOOTHING SUNSCREEN SPF 30 from SEPHORA and I believe I am lucky to find this as it has two in one action it works as a moisturizer, pore minimizer, and a sun block!
What else do you want when you have everything in a package and found no reason to let it go?
And for a day wedding, it was a must to apply sunscreen and I did not want my skin to either feel dry or oily so this worked and gave me the look I wanted.

PHOTO FINISH SMOOTH AND BLUR OIL-FREE FOUNDATION PRIMER for this primer I believe even the word perfect isn’t enough as it is so good making the makeup last longer. It also has Vitamin A and E which protects your skin-locking makeup!

BACKSTAGE FACE AND BODY FOUNDATION will give your look a natural finish and has medium coverage which is sweat-proof and waterproof making it a perfect choice for a day wedding look!

MAJOR SKIN CRÈME FOUNDATION AND FINISHING POWDER DUO is my favorite as it comes with contour and face powder!

MAJOR HEADLINES BLUSH AND HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE VOL II comes with 6 different blues on and a highlighter kit all colors are so cool and have vibrant plus nude shades!

NAKED 3 EYESHADOW PALETTE has neutral smooth matte, metallic and natural beauty shades.

GLOSS BOMB CREAM COLOR DRIP LIP CREAM shade universal rose nude is something to die for and went with it for a natural look!

These were the details of the look I created for the day wedding and I loved it so much!

Check SEPHORA for more products and get your hands on the favorites!

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