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Who doesn’t love the sleek and simple design of Scandinavian furniture? Whether you are designing a room with a mid-century modern, boho, or modern farmhouse style, Scandinavian furniture will feel right at home.

Scandinavian Furniture

With versatile styling, you can incorporate this style of furniture into almost any style of home.

What defines Scandinavian furniture?

Scandinavian furniture is part of a long tradition of innovative craftsmanship and design that emerged as a distinctive style around the 1950s. We know the northernmost countries of Europe, including Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, as Scandinavia. These, along with the other Nordic countries, Finland and Iceland, bring to the world a style tradition that embodies comfortable warmth, minimalism and a timeless look in both furniture and interior design.

Long before IKEA, Scandinavian designers were creating innovative and beautiful furniture that became staples in mid-century design. Some of the best known are Hans Wegner for the Wishbone chair, Arne Jacobsen for his Swan and Egg chairs, Verner Panton for the Panton chair, and Greta Grossman for the Grasshopper lamp, just to name a few. Interior designers and artists love these and other Scandinavian furniture designs because they are beautiful and classic.

Scandinavian Furniture Stores For All Budgets

You will be able to recognize Scandinavian furniture by its functional design, minimalist form and simple style. Here are some retailers to start your search for Scandinavian furniture.

Nordic Nest

Nordic Nest started in 2002 and was known as the Scandinavian Design Center. They are a company that sells some of the best known Scandinavian furniture brands, such as Stelton, Muuto, &Tradition and HAY.

Their website gives you access to over 30,000 Scandinavian products from 200 brands. Their site not only features Scandinavian furniture, but all the other decor that allows you to get the full Scandinavian experience.

This is the Muuto Cover Chair. Muuto is a Danish company that combines innovative design with classic Scandinavian style.

Thomas Bentzen designed the Cover chair. Manufacturers use both oak and oak veneer as a base and complete it with a lacquer finish.

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