Cool Clothing Outfit For The Young and Deserved

Some people have emotional support dogs or emotional support water bottles. I happen to have an emotional support jean jacket that has accessorized some of my favorite outfits over the years. This may sound really dramatic, but I really think I’ll be in this jacket until death do us part. What I like most about a denim jacket is that you can create an outfit around it that can work for almost any occasion. It can be disguised, or even disguised and done with ease.

The bad news is that there are so many denim jackets to choose from: light wash, dark wash, distressed, oversized, moto, cropped. The good news is that all styles of denim work. If you think you’ve pulled all the outfit combinations out of your jean jacket, think again. Here are some outfit combinations to try that will look amazing with your favorite denim jacket.

Wearables With Uppers Lowers and Shoes

You can be the best dressed person on your daily “hot girl walk” by wearing this, or the “sporting spice” of your brunch group. Either way, this requires minimal effort and will still look good.

I love prints, and this look is the perfect way to wear two statement pieces without feeling like it’s too much or one piece competes with the other. Offsetting your jeans with a different print and wash than your jacket keeps your overall look from clashing, while also giving you the opportunity to try something bold.

Here’s another get-up-and-go outfit formula that’s so simple and so cozy. For those days when you need another layer, the denim jacket is the ideal piece to throw on and elevate the look.

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