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Carters Baby Toddler Clothing and Gear On Sale

Carters Baby Toddler Clothing and Gear On Sale

Perfect clothing for kids and toddlers is available online at the Carters discount store. You can arrange a wearable outfit for your child and gear for normal home or outdoor use. It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us, and Christmas morning will be here before you know it.

It’s time to decorate the aisles, make your shopping list, and prepare for the season of celebration, family togetherness, and giving. For parents, it also marks another exciting milestone: celebrating the holidays with your children.

With a child in the mix, there’s no shortage of things parents will need or appreciate as a gift. If you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for new parents, here are some of our top ideas.

A Useful Yet Stylish Diaper Bag.

A diaper bag is essential and makes an ideal holiday gift idea for new parents. Diaper bags also come in many different styles; you can choose from backpacks, messengers, and more. So you will have no problem finding a bag that suits the tastes and lifestyle of the parents.

An Interactive Play Mat Or Activity Gym

A play mat or activity gym is a great holiday gift idea for parents with babies because they are packed with so many developmental activities. For example, activity gyms often feature soft, colorful mats with different textures and numbers. Many mats also include hanging-themed toys.

Blankets To Wrap

Cozy and warm, swaddle blankets make great holiday gifts, especially when it’s snowy and cold outside. With fun designs and prints, there’s a style for everyone. Our blankets are also easy to wash and gentle on baby’s delicate skin, so parents can be sure their babies will be cozy and warm all winter long.

Baby Clothes

Parents can always wear cuter clothes to complete their baby’s wardrobe. At Carter’s, we can definitely help you with this gift idea! Our bodysuits come in tons of fun patterns with overlapping shoulders for easy over-the-head dressing and strong snaps that stand up to every wash. In addition, we have dresses, complete sets, fun pajamas, shoes, and accessories. You may even consider gifting the parents adorable Christmas-themed clothing to commemorate their baby’s first Christmas.

Custom Calendar

Assemble several of the baby’s most treasured photos from the baby’s first months and create a personalized calendar for the new year, with each month featuring a different snapshot in time. It will bring a smile to parents’ faces every time they look at it or turn the page to mark a new month.

Baby books are always great holiday gift ideas and treasured keepsakes for parents. Even so, they can be difficult to follow. If you have already collected notes and memories, but have not yet had time to organize them in a baby book format, why not offer to take on such a task yourself? They’ll love reliving the memories of their baby’s first months and milestones with you, and there are many photo printing services that can compile everything into a beautiful finished product.

Keep the baby’s tiny handprint or footprint in an ornament that parents can hang on their Christmas tree year after year. With just three ingredients (salt, flour, and water), a salt dough topping is easy and inexpensive to create. Make it even more festive by transforming your little one’s handprint into a Santa Claus and the footprint into a snowman.

The gift of food is always a hit, and new parents will love not having to think about what to make for dinner each night when their hands are full with a newborn. There are meal kits to accommodate all dietary preferences and even some that create complete meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sleep-deprived parents will appreciate the gift of caffeine, especially when it regularly arrives on their doorstep without them having to lift a finger. If they’re fans of a single roastery, see if that brand offers a subscription service. Otherwise, many subscription services offer a sampler of coffee beans from around the world, which parents will love too.

Making time for appointments and self-care is really a challenge for parents who have a baby to care for. If you live nearby, offer to babysit their little one for a night or afternoon so they can do something just for the two of them. Consider adding a gift card to their favorite restaurant or, if they need a pampering day, to a local spa.

Celebrating Christmas with a child is exciting and an incredibly special time for all parents. A Christmas present (or several!) is a great way to show the new parents in your life how excited you are about growing your family.

Fortunately, there are many gifts that are practical and thoughtful. So use the list above for inspiration, and let the holiday spirit and what you know about parenting guide you. We are sure that any gift you choose will be a hit with the new parents and will make this holiday season even more special.

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