Zappos Online Discount Sale on All Wearable Items

Zappos Online Discount Sale on All Wearable Items

A new discount sale is offered on the store Zappos. You can make purchases for yourself and your family and you can save on all deals you make online from here. This sale is extraordinary and a time for you to save with every online purchase from here. Apparel is a new and growing part of Zappos’ product mix, with apparel sales driving a larger share of the web-only shoe merchant’s sales each quarter, says Crysti Howser, director of brand operations and partnerships. at Zappos.

In recent years, Zappos has added hundreds of clothing brands to its e-commerce site and plans to significantly expand its clothing offering in 2021, Howser says. Zappos first launched clothing on its site in 2006 with New Balance. But it was only in the last few years that it began to significantly expand into apparel after hearing from shoppers who wanted to buy these items on

“We’re known for shoes, but in recent years, our customer base has been asking for more and more clothing,” Howser says. “And we take feedback from our customers very seriously.”

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“Our loyal customer base wants to [buy] their entire shopping cart at Zappos. They don’t want to jump from one place to another, trying to get their outfit,” he adds. Zappos has gradually expanded its apparel merchandise in recent years. He has no plans to launch his own clothing brand.

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One of the latest brands to launch on is the womenswear brand M.M.LaFleur. Zappos and M.M.LaFleur began their relationship in December 2022. Howser says it’s a “revenue-sharing relationship” that’s similar to wholesale, where Zappos buys M.M.LaFleur’s products, stores them, and handles the shipping, returns, and all customer service inquiries. for all M.M.LaFleur products. In April 2021, Zappos launched dozens of MMLaFleur products for sale. The brand’s launch coincided with a give-back campaign focused on getting professional women back to work.

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The campaign is on a specific brand page on, which they call a microsite, at The campaign page features a collection of M.M.LaFleur outfits specifically for professional women re-entering the workforce post-pandemic, including outfits women can wear to Zoom interviews, on their first day back in the office. or for your transition back to the office after working at home, Howser says. The site also offers tips for job interviews via Zoom.

Zappos and M.M.LaFleur launched the campaign to highlight the challenges working women faced during the pandemic, such as having to leave the workforce in greater numbers than men to care for children at home, Zappos says. In addition, donated $25,000 to the nonprofit Dress for Success Worldwide for the organization’s programs to provide career development support and training to underserved women. Zappos also ran a sweepstakes contest, in which consumers could nominate women in their lives who could wear a new work wardrobe, and Zappos gave away $500 gift cards to 10 women.

So far, the take-back campaign has gone well, Howser says, with Zappos receiving positive messages from customers and non-customers about how to shed light on the problem, he says without disclosing any sales data. Zappos measures campaign success based on customer interaction with the microsite and product feedback.

“Success is measured in a number of ways,” Howser says. “This is about raising awareness and making sure that both the general public and our customer base know that we are highlighting this important initiative to make women wear outfits and feel more comfortable and take the stress out of returning to the workforce.”

Overall, workwear and event apparel, such as high heels, is “trending up” compared with 2020 levels but is by no means surging, Howser says. M.M.LaFleur declined to be interviewed for this article.

Although shoppers can buy M.M.LaFleur products directly from the brand and not from, many shoppers may prefer to buy these garments at Zappos, Howser says. Shoppers may prefer the convenience of doing a single purchase for multiple items across all categories over shopping for shoes at Zappos and then a work outfit at, she says. Also, Zappos loyalty program members may want to take advantage of their generous return policy (365 days) and free shipping offer. Plus, Zappos may offer some M.M.LaFleur products that the brand doesn’t currently offer, Howser says.

Zappos’ latest brand partnership with M.M.LaFleur shows how Zappos is committed to offering more apparel products from top brands on its site.
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Zappos plans to continue selling M.M.LaFleur merchandise, and its landing page dedicated to Zoom-friendly interview tips will likely change over time with other relevant content, he says. This season can get you your best earnings with a high discount rate on each purchase you make through this Zappos store. A worth it cost cut online sale is on for you to get your desired discount.

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