Are you planning a night out with friends and have decided to go differently with your look?
Well! I too went with a different look and you all can call that look illuminating, highlighting, and popping look although before trying it I was a bit nervous and was not sure whether I will look good or not but legit when I got it done and I was shocked at how perfectly it went. It was the first time when I chose to go with this look. I cannot wait to reveal all the trending products I chose from ULTA BEAUTY!

Whenever you start doing your makeup make sure to choose correctly your serum.
As it plays the most basic and is the foundation of makeup. For this, I chose to go with SUPERDEWY MAKEUP SERUM and it made sure to keep my skin dewy and illuminating. Then for FOUNDATION, I option I went with FACE TAPE FULL COVERAGE VEGAN FOUNDATION and it again was something bomb! It is the first ever beauty mushroom-infused foundation.

For the setting powder, I chose TRANSLUCENT LOOSING SETTING POWDER and it was one of the factors to make my makeup last longer up to 16 hrs! For the blush, I chose my favorite BLUSHED DUO and I am overly obsessed with it as both the colors are so natural and are exactly what I wanted!

And all my followers know how much I am in love with 350 SUPERNATURAL GLOW ARTISTRY PALETTE as it has 35 nude and soft colors!

I chose SUN DIPPED GLOW KIT for highlighter and it has 4 shades in metallic and warm-bronze hues.
For the lips, I went with SLIM LIP PENCIL CREAMY LONG-LASTING LIP LINER in shade bright blue-red cream!

And for the gloss option, I chose MINERALIST LIP GLOSS-BALM in the shade burgundy and it was simply the best!

Lastly, to set my makeup for a long time I sprayed a CONTINUOUS SETTING MIST and I can say that it is another factor that made my makeup last longer!
These were the details of my illuminating makeup look!

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