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You know we’re suckers for a lot which means we always have our calendars marked for the biggest sales of the season. One of our favourites? the decoration of your Way Day home. This year, Wayfair is offering up to 80% off on their site AND free shipping on October 26 and 27. This two-day sale only happens once a year, so if you have something on your mind or can think of a few items in your home that could use an update, now is the time.

hen we move in, after unpacking the toilet paper, lamps, and paper plates, my goal is to try to tidy up the room a bit. This week I was almost able to fit two rooms! I will be sharing the room we call The Pink Room today.

The Pink Room is the first room you see when you walk through our new front doors. The previous owners had a piano (yes please) and also had a rug custom made to the dimensions of the room, including the corner fireplace. I bought the rug from them (along with one for the dining room and side porch). It was the right decision.

Our painters can commit to one room at a time, which feels like the perfect pace for decision making. The pink room was the room I was most confident to change into, so we started there. Plus, she knew neutralizing that overbearing room would impact the entire feel of the house.

We’re hoping to find a piano for this space soon, and so far I think the casual yet elegant sheer sofa and these (similar) low hanging chairs, all from our basement, look great in this room.

And finally, a place for all my weird collections! Black, white and brown ceramics are displayed in the built-ins.

The corner fireplace with my Angela Chrusciaki Blehm ribbon waiting to be hung. My ladder back chairs sat in the barn for so many years the cushions had bird droppings all over them. Good times. I have the cushions on the porch while I decide if I want to use these chairs. If so, I’ll have to get the cushions back, I think they are beyond laundering.

Here’s the wall that leads to the little blue side porch. That empty corner on the left is the place dedicated to the piano. I have already removed the curtains from the porch and am currently testing them in the living room.

It has been SO much fun thinking up and decorating a new space for us. It’s my favorite thing EVER. We have six more rooms on the first floor and a ton of rooms upstairs to tackle, but it feels great to have a small space that is starting to feel like us. And guess what, we still call it The Pink Room!

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